EUROcounter ET - light

The lightest promo table made in EU with 10 year warranty!

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ET table is the lightest presentation counter in our product range. Unique solution for portable presentation tables using textile panel as a graphic surface. The combination of simple construction with durable textile material is an ideal solution for various promotions, road shows, presentations of new products etc. A completely self-locking system creates the simplest solution for any presentation. Easier than anything else on the market, with no need of reinstallation of the graphics panel.

The ET table is ideal in combination with our EUROtex textile wall.

Why ET textile promo counter?

  • Easy to transfer the table around thanks to the wheels with brake

  • High quality 18 mm laminated chipboard topdesk with ABS edging

  • Magnetic shelf attachment

  • Extremely lightweight

  • It can be unfolded in one movement

  • We offer an extended 10-year warranty

  • We are ISO 9001: 2016 certified

  • Made in European Union

  • Detailed product description can be found in the technical manual.

How to assemble the ET promo table?

  1. Take the construction out from the bag and place the wheels on the ground so that the textile panel faces away from you

  2. Grab the structure by the upper aluminum cross and pull upwards to secure it

  3. Add the topdesk

  4. Attach the sides of the graphics panel to the velcro

  5. Slide the shelf onto the bottom aluminum cross, so that the magnets in the plate and the structure are connected

More detailed information and description can be found in the instruction manual.

What material do we use for textile promo tables?

For textile presentation counter we use polyester textile banner.

How to prepare graphic materials?

You can arrange the preparation of the graphic panels yourself or you can save yourself some time and use the services of our graphic department, where they will be happy to create your design.

If interested, please contact us at or by phone at +420 543 422 140.

For instructions on how to prepare graphics, refer to the “Preparing Graphics” manual.

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EUROcounter ET - light


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830 (w) x 883 (h) x 395 (d) mm

Construction weight:

4,9 kg