Protective plexi divider EUROframe 8

Protective plexiglass divider made in the EU with a 10-year warranty!

safety first…

The divider made of plexiglass is a light folding frame system that will find optimal use wherever it is necessary to separate spaces for safety reasons. For example, in restaurants, schools, training and presentation centers, etc. It can also effectively divide office space. The main advantage of this system is easy, fast assembly and great flexibility.  Thanks to this attributes our dividers will easily adapt to your needs.

The protective dividing screen is made of aluminum frames and filled with 2 mm plexiglass.

Why choose the protective plexiglass screen EUROframe 8?

  • Steel profile couplings ensure a long service life
  • Stylish aluminum construction
  • Simple composition
  • We offer an extended 10-year warranty on all our products
  • We hold the ISO 9001: 2016 quality certificate
  • This is a EU product
  • The divider can also be ordered with your own print on Forex panels

How to build a EUROframe screen?

  • Remove all parts of the structure from the packaging

  • We place the first part of the structure in the folded state with rubber feet on the ground

  • We will build the second part of the structure on the first one
  • Open the connected structure to the desired shape
  • To replace the panel, use the service kit included in the package

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2920 (w) x 2070 (h) x 20 (d) mm

Construction weight:

23,5 kg