EUROstand is a European producer of mobile presentation systems based in Brno, Czech Republic. From this central location we provide international and local businesses with the full product line of portable presentation systems, know-how and made-to-measure solutions for trade fairs and any other promotional activities. EUROstand provides end-user customers with the complete solution for effective and professional presentations.

Brno is an excellent location logistically; it also represents the best traditions in design and technology.

This is continued by EUROstand with the aim to be the leading innovator and trendsetter in the market of portable presentation systems, within this is also a commitment to the environment and the use of renewable resources.

EUROstand’s goals involve more than the manufacture of high-quality products. At the heart of our business philosophy is the establishment of new forms of long-term partnership. The objective is for us together with our partners to find the right path into the future, create true understanding and to discover the perfect solution. By examining key factors we design the optimum presentation, offering products and services that strengthen our partners' identities and bring real added value.

EUROstand recognises the value of its people, providing them with opportunities and challenging them to make the best of their abilities. Our experienced international team guarantees that we at EUROstand understand and quickly respond to the different needs and expectations - logistical, promotional, technical, or cultural – of the market and our customers.