Custom Production - Interactive kiosks

Interactive kiosks are mostly used in shopping centers, hypermarkets, exhibitions, zoos, waiting rooms or offices. However, their usage can be very versatile.

Kiosks can offer verification of product prices, maps, obtaining information about goods or services, etc. A large number of apps and software can be uploaded to the device. All depends on your needs.

Kiosks can help with orientation in the premises, they can be an interesting way to diversify the experience, or they can be used by children, to play interactive games, for education, etc. They can also be used for advertising purposes, or for photo and video projection.

We offer custom-made interactive kiosk solutions in different sizes, with various software variants and in various desings.

We will take care of everything from the technical drawing, visualisation and realization of the project.

If you are interested in visualization and a price offer, please contact us at

Custom made information kiosks in a wooden frame: