Banners & roll-ups

Use our Czech high quiality banners and roll-ups with 10 years extended warranty for your presentation.

  • We are Czech manufacturer who provides complex services under one roof. We can produce roll-ups or banners according to your individual needs in short amount of time. Or you can choose from our product line that contains from up to 50 different variations.
  • We set up production deadlines according to your needs. We deliver within 1 - 5 days, but it is individual and depends mainly on the difficulty of the final product. We are also able to arrange express delivery if needed.
  • We provide high standard customer service. We have all parts for our standard products in stock so we are able to do any repairs and fix ups immediately.
  • Our customers get quantity discounts when buying 3 pcs and more. Please let us know if you need custom offer or calculation.
  • For our graphic we use high quality digital printing technology, that stands out with the color variety and resistance.

EUROstand promotional banners and roll-ups have many advantages

  • Simple built up within 3 minutes
  • Very light and storable
  • One-sided or double-sided graphic
  • Easy replacement of graphic panels within minutes
  • Easy to carry around inside durable transport bags
  • Can be used just on its own or connected in line for bigger presentaion
  • Large promotional space 
  • Very reliable and steady thanks to quality materials
  • Add on accesories like LED lights, flyer displays..


  • literature pockets
  • range of colours
  • one-sided
  • 10 years warranty
  • easy to exchange graphics


  • super-easy installing
  • perfect stability
  • replaceble logo display
  • magnetic connection
  • easy to exchange graphics
  • 10 years warranty

EURObanner light

  • super light-weight
  • seamless connection
  • maximum visual area
  • easy to exchange graphics
  • 10 years warranty