EUROroll 85

Roll up 85 cm made in EU with 10 year warranty!

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EUROroll III is an innovative roll up banner system with clear and futuristic design which allows you to have your message up and displayed within seconds. With its lightweight frame and an exchangeable graphic panel EUROroll III makes the perfect traveling companion. If you have more roll ups you can easily connect them with magnets to create a wall.  EUROroll III also creates the unique possibility for your logo to be displayed at the base of the system, allowing a further opportunity for brand reinforcement. EUROroll III  makes your presentation quick, easy and extremely successful.

Why choose our Roll up 85?

  • In case you have more roll ups, they can be connected with a magnet
  • Easy replacement of graphic panels
  • It can be double-sided or have a flyer pocket attached
  • Adjustable tilt angle of the graphic panel
  • Replaceable logo in Roll-up base
  • Very fast preparation – it is ready in half a minute
  • Extended 10 year warranty
  • We are ISO 9001: 2016 certified
  • Made in EU

Further technical specifications and more detailed information can be found in the technical manual.

How to assemble the RollUp?

  1. Take out the structure from the packaging
  2. Grab the top bar and pull out the entire graphic panel
  3. Place the upper bar of the panel on the rod
  4. Rotate the lower part of the rod to adjust the position of the panel
  5. When disassembling, proceed in reverse order

More detailed instructions can be found in the instruction manual.

What material do we use as graphic panels?

We use synthetic blockout, which is 100% opaque.

It is a very strong material that does not ripple and keeps its shape perfectly.

How to prepare graphic materials?

You can arrange the preparation of the graphic panels yourself or you can save yourself work and time and use the services of our graphic department, where they will be happy to create design for you. If you are interested in our services, please contact us at or call +420 543 422 140

For instructions on how to prepare graphics, refer to the “Preparing Graphics” manual.

Data transfer: FTP transfer, data storage, CD, DVD, external USB, HD, e-mail: (max. 12 MB).

Magnetic connection

Magnetic connection

Allows to join two or more panels and makes it possible to create a larger graphic area.

End-user friendly exchangeable graphic panel

End-user friendly exchangeable graphic panel

Easy insertion of the panel into the aluminum profile.

Clear futuristic design

Clear futuristic design

Simple and elegant design, the possibility to add a printed logo strip.

Adjustable angle of graphic panel

Adjustable angle of graphic panel

Thanks to this unique feature, you can customize the panel tilt.

Replaceable logo

Replaceable logo

A unique opportunity for further brand reinforcement.

Transport bag package

Transport bag package

Light and hard-wearing transport bag available for each size.

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EUROroll III 85


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867 (w) x 2070 (h) x 212 (d) mm

Weight of graphic panels:

0,6 kg

Construction weight:

4,2 kg

The system comes standard:

complete frame, in the calculator above you can choose option without panel or with printed panel, package in a carton or in a resistant transport bag

-super-easy installing

-perfect stability

-replaceble logo display

-magnetic connection

-easy to exchange graphics

-10 years warranty