Service and re-printing of presentation systems - quickly and easily

Because we know how important it is for your to keep you presentation elegant all the time and at the same time meet fast-changing trends, we are here for you not only when you buy but also when you need a quick fix.

We offer complete service for already used presentation systems to all our valued customers. Whether it is re-printing the graphic panels, major or minor mechanical repairs, we are always happy to provide after-sales service.



Výsledek obrázku pro šipka dolů



The production concept of our presentation systems, whether exhibition pop-up walls, rollups or promo tables, not only matches its quality, but is designed for frequent and easy replacement of graphic panels. It takes just a few minutes to present compltely new ad with simply replacing your graphic panels.

It is not in vain that they say: "beauty is simplicity."


Do you have different brand of presentation systems? Don't worry, no matter what presentation product you have, our production department will provide you with full service.

In case of interest we will always send you a quotation in advance, in which we will calculate the cost of your requested service.

Whether you are a regular or a new customer - everything is done quickly, efficiently and in one place.

Helpful and fast communication is our daily routine.


If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us at or +420 543 422 140 as soon as possible.

You are always warmly welcomed in our production facilities!


After-sales service covers all of the following product lines:

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Presentation walls Promo counters Roll ups & Banners
Exhibition stands Exhibition dividers Presentation towers