Exhibition stands

Use our Czech high quiality exhibitional stands with 10 years extended warranty for your presentation.

  • We are Czech manufacturer who provides complex services under one roof. We can produce promotional wall according to your individual needs in short amount of time. Or you can choose from our product line that contains from up to 50 different variations.

  • We set up production deadlines according to your needs. We deliver within 1 - 5 days, but it is individual and depends mainly on the difficulty of the final product. We are also able to arrange express delivery if needed.

  • We provide high standard customer service. We have all parts for our standard products in stock so we are able to do any repairs and fix ups immediately.
  • Our customers get quantity discounts when buying 3 pcs and more. Please let us know if you need custom offer or calculation.
  • For our graphic we use high quality digital printing technology, that stands out with the color variety and resistance.

EUROstand promotional walls have many advantages

  • Simple built up without any tools
  • Great variability of built up options
  • You can use them repeatedly
  • Large promotional space and minimalistic design
  • Many options to choose from - terraced stands, corner stands or stands with island
  • Easy replacement of graphic panels within minutes
  • Easy to carry around inside durable transport bags or cases
  • Very reliable and steady thanks to quality materials
  • Add on accesories like LED lights, shelves or LCD holder

Small exhibition stands

Presentation stands for the slightest slides in a few square meters. Individual customization options.

  • assembly without tools
  • portable and lightweight
  • portable in transport bags
  • custom editing options

Linear exhibition stands

Exhibition stands with "easy-clip" connectors allow the joining of magnetic structures into a number of assemblies. Rapid construction becomes an easy task.

  • large graphic surface
  • portable in a case or bag
  • take it in a passenger car
  • installation can be carried out by one person

Corner exhibition stands

Presentation stands made of magnetic pop-up structures. Maximum viewable display area. For reuse at exhibitions and conferences.

  • assembly without tools
  • custom adjustments
  • easy to carry
  • well storable

Island exhibition stands

Show stands with graphics around the perimeter. Suitable for space. Indivual adjustments of size and shape.

  • transport in a passenger car
  • installation for one person
  • stable construction
  • large graphic area