Exhibition stand Berlin 5 x 3 m, R

Portable exhibition stand - set Berlin

EUROsystem’s “easy-clip” connectors allow the magnetic pop-up image walls to be connected into an endless number of shapes or designs for your exhibition stand. Building small exhibits or large three-dimensional booths in only a very short time is now a simple task. These portable stands are very flexible depending on the space available and it is possible to use them repeatedly in different layouts.

Set includes: pcs.
EUROsystem 5x3, straight  1
EUROsystem 3x3, straight 1
ES–Connector, 90° (set of two) 1
EUROcounter ES–2x2, straight 1

What graphic panel material do we use?

Polyester (PES) with structured floor lamination

  • Accurate assembly and connection of graphical panels
  • 100% opaque material
  • Ideal for photo walls and photo corners (does not reflect camera flashes)
  • It holds the shape and plane of the wall, which is a great advantage for straight walls
  • Absolutely dimensionally stable when printing, ie. the heat generated by the printer when printing does not affect the PES material
  • Resistant to mechanical damage and scratches
  • UV filter lamination prevents fading of printing

PVC + matt monomeric lamination

  • Smooth lamination
  • More suitable for curved walls
  • Excellent whiteness of material
  • Cheaper economic option

How to prepare graphic materials?

You can prepare the graphic design by yourself or you can save yourself some work and time by using the services of our graphic department, where they will be happy to create design for you.

If you are interested in creating a graphic design, please contact us at info@eurostand.cz or call +420 543 422 140

More detailed instructions for preparing graphics can be found in the manual.

Data transfer: FTP transfer, data storage, CD, DVD, external USB, HD, e-mail: info@eurostand.cz (max. 12 MB).

Magnetic bars

Magnetic bars

When attached at the top it will automatically position itself at the bottom.

Magnetic hangers with unique levelingaction

Magnetic hangers with unique levelingaction

Allow perfect application of the graphic panels on uneven floor surfaces.

Magnetic locking bars

Magnetic locking bars

When erected the structure is automatically held in position immediately.

Easy clip connectors

Easy clip connectors

Allow systems to be connected together very easily without using any other tools.

Package EASY set

Package EASY set

Carton boxes package. Suitable for customers who do not travel with the presentation wall.

Package CASE set

Package CASE set

Packed in PVC case on wheels. The transport box provides increased transport protection.

Package FLIGHT set

Package FLIGHT set

Light transport bags. Suitable for customers who travel with the presentation wall very often.



Exhibition stand can be complemented with halogen or LED lights.

Floor plan of the stand

Floor plan of the stand

Distribution of the stand to an area of ​​5x3 m.

Product configuration


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We are here for you in ours showroom
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5000 (w) x 2240 (h) x 3000 (d) mm

The system comes standard:

facultative print and package

-assembly without tools

-custom adjustments

-easy to carry

-well storable

Packaging options

EASY set - packed in cardboard

This type of packaging is suitable for customers who will no longer travel with the presentation wall.

FLIGHT set - packed in padded carrying bags

This kit is designed for customers who travel a lot and need a lightweight and in-store presentation.

CASE set - packed PVC box on wheels

This set is suitable for customers who want to use a transport box for extra protection during transport.


This set is designed for customers who want to easily turn the shipping box into an information desk. The whole assembly is stored in a PVC container on wheels and also includes halogen lighting.