Counter ES 1x2, straight

Presentation counter ES 1x2 made in EU with 10 year warranty!

ES is a series of lightweight portable pop up counters. These practical and easy-to-store tables will provide you not only with a large presentation area, but also give you great space for meeting your business partners.

ES tables are part of the product range of straight and curved pop up walls as well as compact ES mini counters.

Why pop up counter ES 1x2?

  • Unique and sophisticated fully magnetic system
    • Magnetic rails are automatically secured
    • Use of magnetic connections in the construction, instead of mechanical locks
  • It is extremely easy to put the graphic panel on. You simply attach it to the magnet
  • High quality topdesk made from laminated chipboard with ABS edging
  • The topdesk is foldable
  • We offer an extended 10-year warranty on all our products
  • We are ISO 9001: 2016 certified
  • It is a product made in European Union

Further technical specifications and more detailed information can be found in the technical manual.

How to build a straight advertising promotion ES 1x2?

  1. Take out the construction from the package and open it so that the 4 pins that are used to center the plate are facing upwards
  2. Take out the magnetic bars from the package  and place them on the construction
  3. Insert the shelves into the construction with the symbol facing down
  4. Assemble the topdesk first and then attach it to the table structure
  5. Hang up the graphic panels, starting with the frontal panels and finally placing the side panels
  6. Proceed in the reverse order when you disassembly

More detailed information and description can be found in the instruction manual.

What graphical panel material do we use?

There are two options that could be use on the promotional counters

Polyester (PES) with structured floor lamination

  • Accurate assembly and connection of graphical panels
  • 100% lightproof material
  • Great choice for photo walls  because it does not reflect camera flashes
  • It holds the shape of the wall, which is a great advantage for straight promo walls
  • Absolutely dimensionally stable during the printing, ie. the heat generated by the printer does not affect the PES material
  • Resistant to mechanical damage and scratches
  • UV filter lamination prevents fading of graphic print

PVC with matt monomeric lamination

  • Smooth lamination
  • More suitable for curved tables
  • Excellent whiteness of materiál
  • Cheaper option

How to prepare graphic materials?

You can arrange the preparation of graphic panels yourself or you can save yourself some time and use the services of our graphic department. They will be always happy to help and create your design. If interested in our service, please contact us at or by phone +420 543 422 140.

For more detailed instruction on how to prepare graphic please refer to the graphic preparation manual.

For more instructions on how to prepare graphics, refer to the “graphic preparation” manual.

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Resistant transport bag on wheels

Resistant transport bag on wheels

A hard-wearing transport bag for each style and size is available.

High quality boards and shelves

High quality boards and shelves

High quality materials, laminated chipboard with ABS edging.

Folding topdesk

Folding topdesk

Very easy to assemble.

The pop-up principle

The pop-up principle

Very lightweight, pop-up system. The same magnetic technology as EUROsystem.

Transport bag package

Transport bag package

Frame, magnetic bars, desktop and shelves. All in one transport bag.

Shelf for ES

Shelf for ES

Possible to order one or two levels of shelves for every ES counter.

Product configuration
EUROcounter ES 1x2


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We are here for you in ours showroom
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+420 543 422 140


956 (w) x 900 (h) x 450 (d) mm

Weight of graphic panels:

1,5 kg

Construction weight:

6,8 kg

The system comes standard:

complete frame, with shelves, in the calculator above you can choose option without panel or with printed panel, package in a carton or in a resistant transports bags

-very lightweight

-pop-up technology

-top quality shelves and desktop

-folding desktop

-hard-wearing transport bag

-10 years warranty