EUROtower square 3

Presentation tower made in EU with 10 year warranty!

let your message stand tall ...

Presentation round tower brings a new dimension of mobile presentation. The rounded column system always leaves a unique impression. The backlighting of the graphic panels underlines the importance of marketing messages in the presentation of each product.

Set includes top desk in beech wood design.

We aslo sell towers in round design

Why choose our square presentation tower no. 3?

  • Unique magnetic system
  • Magnetic strips with automatic locking at the bottom part
  • Easy application of the graphic panels to the magnet
  • The system does not contain any mechanical locks - everything is magnetic
  • Pop up structure ensures easy assembly
  • We offer an extended 10-year warranty
  • We are ISO 9001: 2016 certified
  • It is a EU product

Further technical specifications and detailed information can be found in the technical manual

How to build a low square advertising tower

  • Take out all parts of the structure from the packaging and place it on the floor so that the hinges are on top
  • Spread the structure
  • Connect the magnetic locks
  • The unfolded structure should be built so that the row of three magnets is on top side
  • Open the structure completely and connect the the magnetic locks
  • Graphic panels are gradually suspended using magnets in the upper row of connecting cubes

More detailed instructions can be found in the instruction manual.

What graphics panel material to choose?

Polyester (PES) with structured floor lamination

  • Accurate assembly and connection of graphical panels
  • 100% opaque material
  • Ideal for photo walls and photo corners (does not reflect camera flashes)
  • It holds the shape and plane of the wall, which is a great advantage for straight walls
  • Absolutely dimensionally stable when printing, ie. the heat generated by the printer when printing does not affect the PES material
  • Resistant to mechanical damage and scratches
  • UV filter lamination prevents fading of printing

PVC with matt monomeric lamination

  • Cheaper economic option
  • Smooth lamination
  • More suitable for curved walls
  • Excellent whiteness of material

How to prepare graphic materials?

You can arrange the preparation of the graphic panels yourself or you can use the services of our graphic department, where they will be happy to create your design. If you are interested in the services of our graphic department, please contact us at or call +420 543 422 140

For instructions on how to prepare graphics, refer to the “Preparing Graphics” manual.

Data transfer: FTP transfer, data storage, CD, DVD, external USB, HD, e-mail: (max. 12 MB).

Magnetic bars

Magnetic bars

When attached at the top it will automatically position itself at the bottom.

Magnetic hangers with unique levelingaction

Magnetic hangers with unique levelingaction

Allow perfect application of the graphic panels on uneven floor surfaces.

Magnetic locking bars

Magnetic locking bars

When erected the structure is automatically held in position immediately.

Princip pop-up

Princip pop-up

The same pop-up technology as EUROsystem.

Transport bags

Transport bags

Package in a resistant transport bags.



Easy to attach spot or halogen lights are available.

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We are here for you in ours showroom
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+420 543 422 140


801 (w) x 2243 (h) x 665 (d) mm

Weight of graphic panels:

3,5 kg

Construction weight:

5,3 kg

The system comes standard:

facultative print and package

-large graphic surface

-easy instalation

-pop-up technology

-packed in a car in 5 minutes

-easy exchange of the graphic panel

-10 years warranty